Another construction accident at Texas AM

When large construction projects are in progress, there is always an element of danger. Between heavy equipment, sharp tools and the fast-paced atmosphere that almost always surrounds a construction project, one distracted worker or malfunctioning piece of equipment could lead to a workplace accident that injures or kills workers. A college in this state that is undergoing a large construction project with a Houston-based company at the helm has been plagued with several construction accidents, the latest resulting in the death of one of the workers.

Texas A&M University has been renovating Kyle Field for several months. In June, an accident injured four workers when the equestrian center they were building collapsed. Work slowed a bit during the football season in the fall, but picked up momentum again once the home game season was over. However, on Dec. 3, 25-year-old man was killed when he fell four stories while working on a spiral pedestrian ramp.

Although the construction project was on university property and not necessarily under the jurisdiction of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, because the workers who were injured and killed were subcontractor for the company contracted to complete the renovation, the agency is investigating. The university, as well as the main contractor, are also working to piece together how the accidents occurred.

When workers are injured while doing their jobs, and the injuries are not of their making, workers can seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. In the unfortunate event that a worker is killed, the surviving family members can seek compensation as well. A legal professional with experience in handling these types of situations can help victims determine their specific rights and explain the process used to attain them.

Source: Construction Citizen, “Dangerous Accidents Piling Up in Texas A&M Construction Projects” Scott Braddock, Dec. 09, 2013