Storms cause accidents all over city

Houston residents are no strangers to driving in inclement weather, but some seem to forget the rules for driving in such conditions. At least that seemed to be the case judging from all the car accidents that occurred during a recent storm system that passed through the city.

When a major storm system came though Houston on Oct. 30, there were several wrecks on various roadways in the city. At one point, there were nine major accidents being worked by emergency crews at once. One was a three-vehicle accident on I-45 Gulf Freeway. Another, a two-vehicle accident happened on 290 at 34th Street. Additional accidents were reported on other roads in Houston.

The city was also under a flood watch for several hours, and several roads were reported to have several inches of water on them. It was not mentioned if these roads were part of the roads where the accidents were reported, but drivers were told to use caution when driving on flooded roadways.

Houston officials wanted to remind all drivers that when inclement weather happens, it is important to remember how to drive safely in such circumstances. Slowing down, selecting to stay in the same lane and not passing and taking caution when driving in high water will help prevent accidents and stranded drivers. Also, if at all possible, staying off the roadways until the inclement weather passes is always the best course of action.

Although most people do remember to change their driving habits during bad weather, accidents will still occur. Anyone who is a victim of such an accident has the right to seek compensation for any losses that might be incurred. A legal professional experienced in these types of situations can help people determine what rights they have and how to go about seeking compensation for damages.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Wrecks tie up traffic across Houston as storm system moves through” Craig Hlavaty, Oct. 30, 2013