Honda Odyssey Minivan Recall

Honda has recently announced its decision to recall 344,000 of its 2007-2008 Odyssey minivans due to a computer malfunction that has reported to have caused heavy and unexpected braking without the driver pressing on the brake pedal. Further, it does not appear that the back brake lights come on or “illuminate” as it is described in the recall. The recall is part of a worldwide recall of 381,000 Honda vehicles and is being coordinated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) here in the United States.

It has been noted by others that Honda had an earlier recall this year of 183,000 (March 2013) for unintended braking issues reported by drivers.

Honda has publicly reported the Vehicle Stability Assist system is the likely culprit of the most recent braking problems. The Vehicle Safety Assist is what others call the electronic stability control system in their vehicles. The safety agency started an investigation in June 2013 after receiving 22 complaints from owners of the Honda Odyssey concerning the sudden, yet uncalled for, braking. Honda disclaims any knowledge of any accidents of injuries that have resulted from the braking problems.

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