Bicycles Require Caution

Parents and loved ones are mourning the death yesterday of a teenager. While riding his bicycle, he was struck and killed by a motorist operating an suv.

This terrible incident reminds citizens of a crash earlier this year near Memorial Park. A cyclist there was also killed when struck by an automobile.

Tuesday’s collision occurred about 10:30 p.m. near the intersection of Spring Cypress Road and Bonnie Sean Drive. Seventeen year old Ronterious Treavon Jackson was riding his bicycle in the road in an area with poor lighting. Apparently, Jackson attempted to turn left in front of a 2002 Nissan Xterra. The driver, who was headed the opposite direction, reportedly did not see him until it was too late to stop. The teen died at the scene.

The incident near Memorial Park involved similar hazards. Vehicles travel fast on Memorial Drive, and lighting in the area can be variable. There, a motorist struck and killed a cyclist whom he had not seen in time to avoid the collision.

Bicycles are fun and inexpensive. But they provide no protection to their riders in the event of a crash. And, they are less conspicuous than a car. So, motorists need to take extra care when near bicyclists. And bicycle riders, who must follow traffic law, should be mindful that drivers may not observe them. Since motor vehicles can travel so much faster than bicycles, the margin for error is very small.

The unexpected deaths of those riding bicycles is a tragedy that can and should be avoided.

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