Pedestrian killed, driver charged with DUI

Most drivers know they have to be careful of other vehicles while they are driving, but it is also important to be aware of pedestrians who might also be walking on the road. In areas where sidewalks are nonexistent, this is especially important. When people are under the influence of alcohol, they could forget the rules of the road or neglect to pay as much attention as needed while they are behind the wheel. This can lead to drunk driving accidents. Houston readers will be sad to hear that a local man was killed in an accident and another man has been charged in his death.

A 48-year-old man was walking along the road at Allum Road and Player at mid-morning when he was hit by a gold Pontiac Montana. The man died at the scene. Witnesses identified a 71-year-old man as the driver of the vehicle that allegedly struck and killed the man.

Authorities determined that the man was intoxicated. The man was taken into custody and charged with driving while intoxicated. No other charges have been filed yet, but the accident is still under investigation. It is common practice for authorities to interview any witnesses that might have seen the accident happen, as well as reconstruct the accident scene to determine how the accident occurred. Once the investigation is concluded, authorities will decide if any further charges will be filed.

The family of the man who was killed has the legal right to seek compensation from the man who allegedly struck and killed him. The family can pursue damages for medical bills, final expenses, pain and suffering and loss of companionship. An experienced legal professional can help a family who is placed in this tragic position to determine if pursuing damages for expenses and the loss of their loved one is the right option.

Source:, “Driver charged after deadly pedestrian accident in west Houston” No author given, Oct. 18, 2013