New Dangers Found in Popular Sports Supplement

New reports surrounding the sports supplement Craze have caused concern throughout the athletic arena. Tests by scientists in the United States and South Korea have found, what they report to be, a chemical similar to methamphetamine in the popular sports supplement. According to the reports, researchers informed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May that the chemical in Craze was very similar to methamphetamine which is a highly addictive, very powerful illegal stimulant drug.

Craze was named’s 2012 new supplement of the year and is marketed by Driven Sports as a pre-workout powder supplement meant to boost energy, strength, size, and leave you feeling “amazing.” USA Today began looking into Driven Sports after learning that one of its top officials, Matt Cahill, had been sued and has faced charges relating to previous supplement products.

Through its investigation, USA Today learned that testing had detected undisclosed amounts of a methamphetamine-like chemical in samples of Craze. Shortly after USA Today published its report, a team of South Korean scientists published a journal article claiming they had found methamphetamine-like compounds in samples of Craze. Their research pointed to the compound being the same as one that has been used as an illicit designer drug.

Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, assisted USA Today with their research and warned that the chemical found in Craze could potentially be “a brand new drug designed in a laboratory where there is no guarantee of quality control.” Cohen further warned that there is no data on how the chemical will react in the human body. Some potential dangers could include heart attack or stroke, even if the athlete is feeling great during and after their workout.

Driven Sports has adamantly denied that their product contains dangerous chemicals. In addition to Craze, researchers also found the same methamphetamine-like compound in Detonate, which is sold as a weight-loss supplement.

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