Man killed after fender-bender

Most fender-benders result in the involved drivers exchanging insurance information and going on their way. Sometimes the authorities are involved, sometimes not. But when a minor auto accident takes a tragic turn, then authorities have to be called in to investigate the accident scene. This was the case after a car accident on a local road resulted in the death of one of the drivers.

The accident occurred on Oct. 20 on the North Loop. At roughly 3:30 am, a Toyota Camry collided with a Chevrolet sedan. When the driver of the Camry got out to inspect the damage, he was struck by a third car. The man died at the scene. The other two drivers were not injured.

When accidents such as this one occur, investigators will reconstruct the accident scene to determine its cause. In this case, investigators will want to know whether the Camry hit the Chevrolet or if it was the other way around and if any other vehicles were involved. Investigators will speak to any witnesses to the accident and inspect both the cars involved in the collision. Debris may also be collected from the accident scene. Using all this information, they will determine how the accident occurred and if any citations need to be meted out.

Without knowing which of the initial cars caused the first accident, it is undetermined who is at fault, and therefore, it is not known who could be financially responsible for the accident. If it is the driver of the Chevrolet, then that driver could be responsible for the damage to the Camry. However, the driver of the Camry was killed when he was struck by the third vehicle. That driver could be held financially responsible for his death. Once the investigation is concluded, it will be more clear who is responsible for what part of the accident.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Three-car crash on North Loop kills one driver” Yang Wang, Oct. 20, 2013