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Texas Supreme Court Rules against Common Law Unlawful Acts Doctrine as a Defense

by | Sep 11, 2013 | Personal Injury

In a new move, the Texas Supreme court ruled that in personal injury and wrongful death suits defendants can no longer use the unlawful acts doctrine as a complete bar against plaintiff’s recovery. The Texas Supreme Court found that the common law unlawful acts doctrine conflicts with the statutory proportionate – responsibility scheme.

Previously, a defendant could use the affirmative defense of the unlawful acts doctrine to completely bar a plaintiff from recovering damages in personal injury and wrongful death suits. With this ruling, defendants will no longer be able use it as a complete bar and instead it will be evaluated in regard to the defendant’s and plaintiff’s proportionate responsibility of the incident. This should come as a good sign to plaintiffs as defendants will no longer be able to use this as an absolute defense. This historic ruling was made in the case of Dugger v. Arredondo a few days ago.

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