Recent Johnson Johnson Recalls

Johnson & Johnson, who has in the past experienced some serious concerns and questions with regards to its quality control, has again announce two recalls of popular consumer products in the space of one week – liquid Motrin for infants and Risperdal Consta. These two most recent recalls appear to be on products that are made (or their ingredients are made) by outside companies, leading one to again question the quality control of J &J.

In the liquid Motrin, plastic particles were found. The particles were small and described as about the size of a poppy seed. An over-the-counter division of Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Healthcare, is the company that originates Motrin’s active ingredient – ibuprofen. J &J describes the risk of human injury or death very low, and they do not reveal any reports of serious harm from the product. There are approximately 200,000 bottles of liquid Motrin for infants being recalled.

Risperdal Consta is a drug used as an antipsychotic treatment. This drug is administered by injection and is considered the longer acting version of the pill, Risperdal. The drug is typically administered in a doctor’s office or clinic. Risperdal Consta is made by Alkermes, a company based in Ireland. Routine testing of this drug has revealed evidence of mold in the product.

These two recalls – coming back-to-back in just a week – have reopened the discussion on Johnson & Johnson’s internal quality control process, as well as the quality control over its outside companies, affiliates, suppliers and vendors.

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