Alleged street race injures two

Auto accidents happen frequently, and many times, speed is a factor. However, in the case of this particular car accident, speed was not was not just the factor that caused the accident, it was the reason for the accident in the first place.

Department of Public Safety officers believe a street race between two cars led to the accident that sent two people to the hospital. A maroon car was allegedly racing a second car, when the driver lost control and struck a man on the side of the road using a weed eater. The car then struck a ditch and rolled over. The man as well as both passengers in the vehicle were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The second car that authorities believe was involved has not been located. There has been no description of the car or the driver released. However, authorities are pretty sure it was a street race gone wrong that caused the accident.

Finding the second car is important for several reasons. First, it will take one more street racer from the street, which is a good thing for the public overall. Also, all parties that are involved in an accident should be held responsible, so if this was indeed a street race, the other driver should have to account for his or her actions resulting in an accident.

Finally, for those who were injured, they have a right to be compensated for their injuries. With regspect to the passenger in the vehicle, there could be a discussion about how much of a victim he was since he was in the car voluntarily, but he still might be entitled to some compensation for his injuries. However, the man who was struck is well within his rights to seek damages for injuries he sustained in this accident.

Source: YourHoustonNews, “Three injured in alleged street racing accident near Walden” No author given, Aug. 30, 2013