Three in hospital after 2-vehicle crash

Many factors can cause or contribute to an accident. Some accidents are driver-error, such as the driver think he or she can make the yellow light in time, or is distracted by a phone call or text. Other times, the accident could be weather-related, such as low visibility or free-standing water on the roads. This is why a thorough investigation is important following a car accident. The investigation will usually pinpoint the cause, therefore determining if there is a person or machine malfunction. In the case of a recent car accident, authorities suspect alcohol was a factor and are investigating to determine if their suspicions hold true.

Two cars collided on Aug. 24 at the intersection of Fairbanks N. Houston Road and West Roads. A person driving a Mercedes at a high rate of speed crashed into a Toyota pulling out from a gas station. All three people in the Toyota were injured and taken to local hospitals for treatment. Their conditions are not known at this time. The driver of the Mercedes was not injured.

Police took the driver of the Mercedes into custody after becoming suspicious that alcohol might have been a factor in the accident. It is not known for certain if field sobriety tests were completed or if a breath test or blood draw was completed.

It will be interesting to see what the results of the investigation show. The families of those who were injured in the accident — the two backseat passengers were Life-flighted to a hospital with critical injuries — should pay close attention to the outcome of the investigation, then decide if pursuing compensation for any expenses stemming from the accident is an option.

Source:, “Three taken to hospital after 2-vehicle collision in northwest Houston” No Author Given, Aug. 24, 2013