Recent Fatality From Tire Failure

In the past week, another life was lost and two other people were injured in a crash caused by a tire failure. The collision further demonstrates the vital role played by tires in automotive safety, and the terrible results an unexpected failure can cause.

The wreck happened on Monday, shortly after noon, on August 12, 2013. A red pickup truck was heading southbound on the feeder road of the Eastex Freeway near Parker. A tire catastrophically failed, and blew out so loudly that it was heard by a driver of another truck pulling off of the roadway. The pickup truck involved, which was towing a trailer, then vibrated and veered out of its lane, crashing into a barrier and a concrete column. The driver was injured, and was transported to the hospital. One passenger was also taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries. Sadly, a second passenger was killed.

This collision underscores once more the importance of tire safety. Manufacturers have known for years about simple steps they can take to improve tire safety. For instance, the used of a nylon cap ply can help to avoid or delay a tread separation. In addition, manufacturers can use certain chemicals in the inner liner to retard the migration of air, and the oxygen it contains, that break down the rubber in the tire. When tire makers increase the content of halobutyl in the inner liner, it resists the leakage of air into the carcass of the tire better. Less migration of air means the integrity of the tire is protected longer. Finally, tire makers and car makers need to warn the public more clearly that – regardless of tread depth – tires should be replaced after six years or sooner. To aid motorists to heed that warning, tire makers should include “born on” dates on all of their tires in plain terms. Currently, they use codes that only a few know how to interpret.

When a tire maker takes shortcuts in the quality of its tires, and when it uses confusing codes about the age of the tires it sells, it endangers not only the buyers of the tires, but others using the roadway as well, as this week’s tragic circumstances have proven, again.

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