Man’s arm crushed in meat grinder

There is a risk of workplace injury regardless of industry, but some jobs are simply more dangerous than others. When a workplace accident occurs, the seriousness of the injuries can range from minor to severe, even death. The accident victim’s life could be drastically changed.

Our readers in Houston might be interested in this developing story from California. A 28-year-old man had his arm crushed in a meat grinder on Aug. 12. According the authorities, the man suffered a compound fracture to his right forearm. He underwent surgery on Aug. 13 to repair the damage. No information is available. The state branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating.

OSHA will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident. Interviews with the injured employee, other employees, as well as with management and the shop’s owners will take place. The meat grinder will also be inspected to rule out any malfunction and determine whether or not the accident was the result of faulty equipment or user error.

The man who was injured may have a long recovery period ahead of him. During this time he might not be able to work, or will only be able to work reduced hours. If the meat grinder is found to be malfunctioning, then the worker would be within his right to seek compensation for his injuries. Damages can include the payment of medical bills and monetary contribution for pain and suffering and lost wages. Such an unforeseen tragedy need not be endured alone. If you have been seriously injured at work, research legal options for at least a modicum of help through such a potentially life-altering experience.

Source: The Press Democrat, “Rohnert Park man’s arm crushed by meat grinder” No author given, Aug. 14, 2013