Corpus Christi Gas Explosion Levels Homes, Seriously Injures Two

Two miles from the KIII-TV studios in Corpus Christi, Texas, what is believed to be a natural gas explosion seriously injured at least three people and damaged many nearby homes. Broadcasters were on-air at the time of the blast and can be seen visibly frightened by the percussion of the distant blast.

No reports of a gas leak were on record at the local gas company before the explosion, confounding investigators. A gas leak that was sizable enough to cause the extensive damage and far-away reach of the concussive force should have been detectable by the smell of rotten eggs, according to investigators.

Two men remain in the hospital after suffering serious burn injuries in the blast. Sixty-year-old Robert Farley was thrown from his home and was severely burned over his upper torso. Twenty-five-year-old Ryan Conner may have experienced severe head trauma as well as burns and broken bones on account of the natural gas explosion.

The house that was the site of the explosion was completely destroyed as well as three other homes on Holmes Drive in Corpus Christi. Homes as far as three blocks from the blast suffered broken windows.

One of the men injured in the blast recalls the last action he took before the explosion occurred: he lit a cigarette.

Investigators estimate that determining the source of any gas leak that may have led to the blast could take up to a week.

Source: KRISTV, “Explosion Victims Remain in San Antonio Burn Unit,” July 15, 2013