Boy Tragically Killed by Airport Sign in Birmingham, Alabama

The family of ten year old Luke Bresette is suing Stafford based Fish Construction, Inc., and eight other defendants after an airport sign in the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport crushed the boy, killing him. The Kansas native died after the three hundred pound arrival/departure sign toppled over on top of him and his family. In addition to killing Luke Bresette, the sign also injured his mother and his two brothers when it fell.

The Bresette’s suit alleges that Fish Construction, Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors Inc., and BLOC Global Services and others were responsible for the design, construction, assembly and installation of the sign. According to the complaint, Fish Construction was responsible for the initial design of the Multiple User Flight Information Displays, or MUFID, as it is called. The design called for precise materials and assembly and was approved by the other defendants. The design was later modified to increase the thickness of the MUFIDs front panel, which is what the complaint alleges led to the sign’s instability. According to the lawsuit Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors Inc., and BLOC Global Services were responsible for re-installing the sign along with three others. While they took precautions to anchor the other three signs to the wall or floor, the same precautions were not taken with the fourth sign.

The suit was filed in the circuit court of Jefferson County, Alabama.

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