School Stabbing Tragedy Hits Texas College Campus

On the Cypress campus of the Lone Star Community College just outside Houston, a man armed with a knife went on a stabbing spree, injuring as many as 14 students. At least four of the injury victims had to be airlifted from campus for medical treatment.

Investigators believe there was only one man behind the multiple stabbings, a 21-year-old who has not yet been confirmed as an enrolled student at the Cypress campus. The man has been apprehended by local law enforcement and is being held in jail.

Students who were in class at the time of the stabbing were locked down for a short period while police responded to the tragedy. An all-campus alert went out at 11:56 am via the college’s emergency email system warning students and faculty of the danger of serious or fatal injury. Initial reports note that the attacker began

There have been no fatalities reported from today’s mass-stabbing. In addition to the four who were airlifted for treatment, eight others were treated for their injuries.

Just over a year ago, an argument between two males on another Lone Star Community College campus turned violent and both pulled guns on each other. Two students not involved with the conflict were hit by gunfire from the two men; one of the men was also injured in the gunfight. The North Harris campus was closed for the rest of that day. Aldine ISD placed its schools in the area on lockdown while police until police were able to apprehend the gunmen.

Source: CBS News, “At least 14 wounded in Texas college stabbing attack,” April 9, 2013