Memorial Planned To Honor Those Killed In West, Texas Explosion

Baylor University will host a memorial service for those killed in the West Fertilizer explosion. The 10,000-seat arena in nearby Waco will provide a venue to remember those who lost their lives in the fatal explosion; the event is being organized by the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force.

There are still no answers in the fatal explosion that rocked West, Texas and nearby cities. At least 14 people lost their lives in the blast; a majority of whom were first responders including firefighters, volunteer firefighters and EMS workers.

Investigators say it will take time to determine what caused the fire that set off the massive explosion. The center of the blast has been determined, but the source of the fire has not. As early as 7:30 on the Wednesday night of the fire, 911 operators had received calls about smoke coming from the plant. The explosion rocked the small town about 20 miles outside of Waco shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, residents of West are slowly returning to their homes if they are able. Residents are still encouraged to boil water before using it and city officials estimate that it could be another three weeks until all basic services are restored.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Texas explosion: Probe of blast likened to ‘archaeological dig’,” April 21, 2013