Three Young Texans Killed In Head-On Collision In Harris County

Two 18-year-olds and one 21-year-old were fatally injured after colliding head-on with each other on Highway 290 last weekend. The 18-year-olds were freshmen at Texas A&M involved with the Corps of Cadets. Amy Pacheco and Miguel Hernandez were driving an SUV when they collided with a Mustang driven by Katie Thomas. Thomas was going the wrong way on 290, causing the head-on collision.

Pacheco and Hernandez and another passenger in the SUV at the time of the crash: Francisco Campos. Campos, also a member of the A&M Corps of Cadets, was injured, although not fatally in the head-on collision and is expected to recover.

The three cadets were in Houston to judge a drill competition for the Houston Independent School District. They were on their way back to campus in College Station when the head-on, fatal accident occurred.

The impact of the head-on crash may not have been the cause of Pacheco’s and Hernandez’s deaths. The SUV continued travelling forward a short distance past the crash site. It started on fire however and was soon engulfed in flames. Pacheco and Hernandez were unable to escape the burning vehicle.

Thomas’ Mustang spun around on the highway, coming to a stop on the shoulder. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that she died at the scene of the fatal crash. There were beer bottles discovered in her car following the collision; initial suspicion is that alcohol played a factor in the wrong-way head-on collision.

Source: KHOU, “HCSO identifies two A&M cadets, Mustang driver killed in Hwy 290 accident,” March 3, 2013