Houston Woman Rear-Ends Disabled Car In Fatal Accident

Off the field, it’s been a tough season for those connected to the NFL and the SuperBowl was no break from seemingly consistent occurrence of fatal motor vehicle accidents. No players were involved in this particular crash; the fatal accident victims were relatives of Delanie Walker of the San Francisco 49ers.

A Houston woman, Nechole Thomas, is accused of rear-ending Alice and Bryan Young while their car was disabled on the side of the interstate. The impact of the collision caused both vehicles to catch on fire. Thomas was able to escape, but neither of the Youngs survived the fatal rear-end crash. It took rescuers over an hour to extinguish the flames.

Thomas was arrested for vehicular homicide and is suspected of driving while impaired when she caused the early morning fatal accident.

Vehicle Fires After A Collision

The impact of a motor vehicle accident can trigger a car fire in a variety of ways. Leaky fuel lines, faulty electrical wiring, defective airbags and exhaust issues can lead to a post-crash fire.

When the fire is caused by a manufacturing defect or design defect, there may be more people to blame that just the driver who caused the accident. An auto defect lawsuit, while too late to save those who were seriously or fatally injured in the crash that brough the defect to light, can help save hundreds or thousands of others from suffering because of the same defect.

A thorough investigation of the scene and of the vehicles involved is imperative in an auto defects case. An experienced auto defects and motor vehicle accident attorney should be contacted right away.