New Dreamliners Grounded Due to Safety Concerns

Touted as the most technologically advanced commercial jet available, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is under scrutiny in America and Japan. Domestically, Federal officials with the Federal Aviation Administration have temporarily grounded all Dreamliners until further notice because of a potential for battery fires. The FAA issued an emergency safety order on the matter.

All U.S. airlines are no longer permitted to operate the 787 planes until they have been given clearance by the FAA. The decision came after a 787 was forced to perform an emergency landing in Japan last Wednesday because of the potential for a battery fire on the plane. While the FAA order only applies to the 787s that are located in the United States, other countries are encouraged to follow suit and ground their 787s in order to avoid a terrible plane accident or fire.

The FAA has declared that they will be working with Boeing and other U.S. airline companies in order to come up with a plan that will allow the 787s to be back up in the air as soon as possible. There are fifty Dreamliners throughout the globe that are in operation. Six have flow in the United States.

Initially, Boeing hoped that the problem would be an easy fix in repairing the battery system. The problem has proved to be a much more time-consuming and expensive process as problems have arisen throughout the entire electrical system of the aircraft. The delays in repairs have forced airliners across the globe to cancel flights scheduled on the Dreamliner and attempt to redirect passengers on other flights.

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