Helpful Tips to Consider for Your Medical Care

I recently read an article that gave several tips about medical care that may be helpful. The publication was from the Bottom Line – Personal, and it was in the January 15, 2013 edition.

The first tip was for the patient to check out the experience of the surgeon. Depending upon the type of operation, the patient should do a more thorough investigation into the surgeon’s experience. And when investigating the surgeon’s experience, the patient should ask about that particular type of procedure – not surgery in general. The patient should ask their surgeon how many times each year the surgeon performs the particular operation in question, and how that compares with other doctors in that specialty.

Another tip dealt with hospital advertising. The article pointed out that you simply cannot trust the marketing claims made by hospitals in their advertisements. If the hospital says that they are ranked very high, look deeper into what that ranking is in. Read the fine print, and make sure that the hospital is ranked high in an area that is in the medical care you need. Look at websites such as for meaningful hospital information.

Finally, depending on the type of medical care you need, you may be better off going to a local community hospital – as opposed to going to a teaching or research hospital. If there is a complex or really specialized condition that needs that level of care, lean towards a research or teaching hospital. On the other hand, if it is more a routine healthcare situation, the patient should consider going to a local community hospital where there is often a more personalized level of care given.

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