Two Houston Trick-or-Treaters Injured by Repeat Drunk Driver

A drunk driver ran over two children on Halloween night. This was the driver’s second alleged DWI offense after she received another conviction in 2010. While authorities expect both children to recover from their injuries, there is no excuse for this kind of driving negligence.

Drunk drivers cause far too many injuries and deaths in Texas and around the nation. In 2008, drunk drivers caused 31.6 percent of all traffic fatalities, amounting to 11,773 lives. As these victims and their loved ones can attest, there is no clearer example of negligence than the decision to risk the lives of other people by driving drunk.

This incident occurred on the evening of Halloween while children around Houston were out and walking through their neighborhoods to trick-or-treat. In any parent’s worst nightmare, an 11-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister ran ahead of their family to cross a quiet neighborhood street. A driver in an SUV hit them as they were crossing the road. One witness said “it’s like she couldn’t stop.”

Thankfully, both of the children are expected to make a healthy and complete recovery.

While there are usually few questions about whether a drunk driver is responsible for causing injuries after a crash, it takes a deeper investigation to determine what happened and how it will affect the victims’ lives. An experienced Houston personal injury lawyer can help injured victims receive the compensation they need to get back to full health after an accident.

Source: KHOU, “HPD: Driver who hit trick-or-treaters was drunk,” Nov. 1, 2012