Texas Girl Writes Letter To Drunk Driver Who Left Her Paralyzed

Several days before her eighth birthday, a Texas girl woke up in the hospital after a horrific drunk driving accident. The crash left her paralyzed from the chest down, requiring months of treatment and rehabilitative therapy.

This week, the girl presented a handwritten letter to the drunk driver. Her mother read the letter aloud at a sentencing hearing shortly before a judge sent the driver to prison for 10 years. While he will serve a severe prison sentence, the girl and her family will have to live with the long-term consequences after being hit by a drunk driver.

The girl’s letter told the man about how she spent the day with her family at the mall preparing for her upcoming birthday with a haircut and manicure. She then described how she woke up in the hospital several days later, unable to communicate except with thumb gestures for “yes” or “no.” The rest of the letter told the story of her long, difficult journey through therapy and rehabilitation. Remarkably, she closed the letter by saying she would like for the man to her family, explaining that they have a lot of fun despite her permanent paralysis.

While this young victim is an inspiring example of courage and compassion in a difficult situation, the reality is that she will require expensive care and support for the rest of her life. In cases like this, it is important for families to seek justice on behalf of their children to provide for lifelong needs that can result from a serious injury.

Anyone who has suffered an injury after a drunk driving accident should consult with an experienced Texas lawyer to discuss all available options.

Source: KENS 5 San Antonio, “Texas girl pens letter to drunk driver who left her paralyzed,” Monika Diaz, Nov. 14, 2012