Houston Drunk Driver Kills One And Injures Two More

Unsurprisingly, drunk driving accounts for a huge number of fatal accidents in Houston and throughout the United States. Nearly 12,000 people died in drunk driving accidents in 2008 alone.

Another fatal drunk driving accident happened in Houston this week, killing one man and injuring two other people. The crash occurred shortly after 10:00 p.m. in West Mount Houston. A 22-year-old driver crashed into the passenger-side door of another car, apparently while speeding. The impact killed the second car’s passenger and hospitalized the driver and another backseat passenger.

Although the driver tried to flee the scene of the crash on foot, he came back later and authorities arrested him on DWI charges.

When a drunk driving accident results in a devastating fatality like this, the victims’ family members are entitled to bring a wrongful death claim against the driver. Wrongful death lawsuits allow family members to hold drivers accountable for the consequences of their reckless conduct. While monetary damages can never replace a lost loved one, an award can help families move forward without expected financial and emotional support.

The question of whether a drunk driver is responsible for the crash is usually simple. However, drunk driving cases also involve complicated questions of exactly what happened and how. An aggressive and experienced wrongful death lawyer can assemble an effective case by working with accident reconstructionists and medical experts.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Houston man charged with DWI in fatal north Houston crash,” Carol Christian, Nov. 3, 2012