Target Recalls Disney Fleece Jackets and Shirts

Retail giant Target is recalling more than 6,000 sets of boys and girls fleece jackets and shirts featuring Disney characters from its stores. It is reported that the Disney fleece jackets and shirts sold at Target are equipped with zippers that contain unacceptable levels of lead. Exposure to excessive levels of lead can lead to injuries to children.

The clothes in question were imported through the Children’s Apparel Network company. Because of the potentially dangerous levels of lead in the metal zippers, parents should take away the recalled sets from their children and return them to Target for a full refund. Exposure to too much lead can lead to excessive blood lead levels. This, in turn, can lead to dangerous conditions such as anemia, decreased muscle and bone growth, injury to a child’s hearing, learning disabilities, nervous system and kidney injury, as well as speech, language, and behavioral problems. In the most serious cases, excessive lead in the blood can lead to brain damage.

According to Consumer News, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention lowered the limits of children’s blood lead levels to 5 mcg/dL of blood earlier this year. There are home lead testing kits available in retail stores, and Consumer Reports also provides advice on how to reduce a child’s exposure to lead. Additional questions about this particular recall can also be answered by contacting Children’s Apparel Network at 800-919-1917.

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