Fantasy Football, Or…

Parents and school officials are reeling in the San Francisco area regarding the breaking news about the fantasy sex league that was uncovered at Piedmont High School. Parents of kids at Piedmont High School were informed of the fantasy league in a letter and an email just last week from the school’s principal. This story is now being reported everywhere. While not all of the details have been confirmed, it appears that the school officials felt that they had enough information to start warning parents and issuing letters.

According to the letter to parents, the league was set up online and modeled after other fantasy leagues. However, in this league, the boys drafted girls at the high school for their team. The fantasy sex league at Piedmont was set up as a statistics based game where a participant was awarded points when the girls on the participant’s team engaged in sexual activity. In fantasy football, if I draft Arian Foster, I get points each week when he scores touchdowns and rushes for a certain amount of yards. At Piedmont, you get points when a girl you drafted engages in sexual activity. This is the gist of it.

The officials at Piedmont are planning to have classroom discussions and pre-season meetings with the student athletes to “address issues of sportsmanship, conduct and integrity,” according to the principal, Rich Kitchens. “While off-campus activities are not subject to school discipline, because it involves our students, it involves us,” he added. Principal Kitchens further stated, “at this point, because we do not have specifics about participants or victims, our focus is on education and understanding moving forward, not discipline for past activities.”

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