Ambulance Response Time Leads to Man’s Death

Following 57-year-old, Bogdan Kaniewski’s, death from a heart attack, his daughter, Alexis, filed a lawsuit against Glenview fire and police departments, Cook County, and the Cook County Forest Preserve District. Mr. Kaniewski died in early September when he sustained a heart attack after biking in a forest preserve area.

In her lawsuit, Alexis alleges that her father died because an ambulance with life-saving equipment was unable to navigate the forest preserve path. On September 6, Alexis and her father were biking in the Camp Pine Woods forest preserve when Mr. Kaniewski complained that he was short of breath. After stopping, Mr. Kaniewski collapsed minutes later on the path about a mile from a trail entrance. Alexis immediately called 911. After six or seven minutes, Alexis heard the ambulance, but the ambulance was unable to get to the part of the path where Mr. Kaniewski was. Forty minutes passed before paramedics arrived and started to treat Mr. Kaniewski. The only medical attention Mr. Kaniewski received during this lag time was CPR, performed by a passerby.

The legal theory behind Alexis’s lawsuit is simple: negligence. Alexis must show that it was foreseeable that someone would be injured in the nature preserve, that emergency medical care would need to be provided and that the fire and police departments failed to prepare for that situation.

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