Too Many Recalls Numbing Consumers

Photo of Daniel Horowitz

According to a recent article in USA Today, experts are concerned that the number of products being recalled is resulting in “fatigue” which could increase the chance people do not pay attention to them. In 2011, recalls rose 14% from the 2010. Recall include consumer productions, automobiles, drugs, food, and medical devices. In 2012 alone, hundreds of recalls have already been announced. Some of the companies already issuing recalls include Pfizer, Toyota, Lexus, and IKEA.

One suggestion that has been offered is a single uniform recall agency. Apparently, the Consumer Product Safety Administration, the Food & Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture all have different recall systems which have different standards for what requires a recall.

If you or a family member receives a notice in the mail, learns of a recall on the internet or television, or unfortunately know of someone who has been injured by a product which may have been recalled, please make sure to return the recalled product to the retailer or manufacturer for a refund or to be repaired. Ignoring recalls can be costly and deadly.

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