Texas Recognizes May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month: Share the Road!

In the next few weeks you’ll likely notice signs along major roadways proclaiming “share the road!” These signs are part of the month-long campaign in May celebrating national Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The campaign serves as a reminder to all drivers to share the roads with motorcyclists in an effort to promote roadway safety and reduce motorcycle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were more than 4,500 fatal motorcycle accidents in 2010 – a number which has been increasing over the last decade.

In an effort to promote sharing the road and safe riding, the NHTSA has provided the following tips to keep all motorists safe:

  • Do not walk, drive or bike while distracted.
  • Motorcycles have the same rights as trucks, cars and all other vehicles on the road – which includes the right to their own lane. Let motorcycles have a full lane width so they can safely maneuver.
  • Always use your signal when changing lanes – this helps all motorists, motorcycles included, to know your intentions and anticipate traffic flow.
  • Because motorcycles are small, they are easily hid in a vehicle’s blind spot. Be sure to check your mirrors at intersections and when changing lanes.
  • Allow extra distance – three or four seconds – when following a motorcycle so that the rider has enough room to maneuver.

Overall, help prevent fatal motorcycle accidents by sharing the road!

Source: Traffic Safety Marketing, “2012 Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Fact Sheet.”