Drunk Driver Hits Police Car and Kills Motorcyclist

Another Houston area individual lost his life today because of drunk driving.

The wreck occurred in the early morning hours on May 24, 2012. Police had pulled over the motorcyclist on the South Freeway (Highway 288) near Yellowstone. They were on the shoulder when a drunk driver tried to get on the freeway. He lost control of his vehicle, smashed into the patrol car, and then ran over the motorcyclist, who was killed. The drunk driver suffered serious injuries, and was taken to the hospital. He has been charged with intoxication manslaughter, a felony.

This wreck serves as another sobering reminder and warning as we approach the Memorial Day weekend: drinking and driving do not mix. It is critical for motorists to appoint ahead of time a designated driver if they plan to drink alcoholic beverages. Because often the one who has been drinking is in the worst position to determine if he is safe to drive. A momentary careless decision to “just try to get home” can result in the serious injuries, death, and prison time. And even if no one is available to be a designated driver, the price of a taxi and even a tow of a vehicle is a tiny fraction of the money that will be spent on bail, attorneys, and costs when there is an arrest for dwi. So, those who drink when they are enjoying this upcoming weekend should not drive. It is simply not worth the risk.

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