“Small” Collisions Sometimes Produce Serious Damages

When a collision occurs that seems to be “minor,” sometimes those involved fail to take the appropriate steps to investigate and document the incident. This can lead to major problems when the injuries from a motor vehicle accident are more severe than anticipated.

The symptoms from certain types of injuries caused by wrecks may intensify hours or even days after the collision. So, filled with adrenaline at the scene, the parties may think they are “OK,” only to find out later that they hurt more severely than they expected.

Because of this, it is important not to skip steps when a crash occurs. Be sure to call the police. Write down the names of witnesses. Note important evidence. Go to the hospital or doctor to be examined if you think you might be injured. And do not tell the insurance company that you are “alright” if a doctor has not cleared you.

These simple procedures may take a few more minutes on the front end. But they can save you weeks, if not months, of time on the back end if you need to make a claim. In addition, your chances of receiving fair compensation can be significantly compromised if the other party later denies it is his or her fault, or if you have told the insurance adjuster that you are “fine” before the doctor has fully discovered and treated your injuries. When you are in a collision, take time to go through the proper steps.

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