New Health Claims Fund for BP Settlement

As a part of the BP settlement from the massive Gulf oil spill, a new system and fund is being set up for monitoring all concerns and compensating people for illnesses found to have a relationship to the disaster later on. Although there have not been any studies indicating significant evidence of spill related illnesses, experts agree there remains a question later down the road for victims exposed to the spill contents.

Under the current settlement, BP said it expects to pay out $7.8 billion to settle the majority of the claims including property damage, lost wages and loss of revenues to businesses. There was a fund previously set up to address these damages, but the new settlement sets up a fund to pay claims over illnesses related to exposure that are later discovered. Under the current language, claimants who wish to tap into the compensation fund will be required to be examined by court-approved healthcare practitioner. Then a claims administrator working under the supervision of a federal judge will determine who should be paid.

The new claims program will monitor claimant’s health for a period of 21 years. Our firm currently is assisting BP victims and will continue to do so.

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