Keystone XL Pipeline Extension

Photo of Daniel Horowitz

Today at a press conference in Cushing , Oklahoma, President Barack Obama agreed to accelerate approval on the Keystone pipeline extension as a way to deflect criticism regarding his delay of the full project earlier in the year which since then has influenced increased gas prices across the country. In the past month United States gas prices have jumped close to 30 cents making the average gas price to $3.87 a gallon. Obama previously rejected the pipeline permit because the State Department did not have enough time to review its permit or safety and health issues related to the pipeline.

Obama has now expedited this 435-mile long and 35 inch wide pipeline extension running from Cushing, Oklahoma to refineries on the Texas Gulf coast. Construction is expected to begin in the southern portion of Cushing this spring and is estimated to be complete by 2013. This pipeline expansion will provide a significant boost to United States energy security. It is predicted that it will bring an extra 83,000 barrels of oil on a daily basis to United States refineries.

Individuals who live along this pipeline route should be aware of potential hazardous leaks, contamination, and pipeline explosions in the area.