Gas Leak Scare in Terminal C of Bush Intercontinental Airport

Photo of Daniel Horowitz

This morning around 8 am, Houston firefighters and HazMat crews responded to an emergency call regarding a gas odor in Terminal C of George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Both crews and the Houston Airport System were in search for the smell of gas within the terminal but determined that a gas leak did not exist. They searched all three floors of the terminal before reaching this conclusion.

The source of the smell came from an overheated baggage mover motor. A fire did not erupt but the smoke from the motor passed throughout the terminal through the ventilation system. No injuries were reported and there were no flight delays.

The baggage claim in Terminal C was closed for a small period of time while crews tried to determine the source of the gas odor. The terminal was cleared as of 9:30 am. At this time all operations are back to normal and with no closures.