Nursing Home Malpractice Case Filed for Failure to Properly Supervise

Recently in St. Louis, Missouri the daughters of a man who died after wandering away from a nursing home filed a wrongful-death lawsuit alleging negligence.

Aubrey Giles, 75, who had dementia, was reported missing from the Midwest Rehab and Respiratory Center. His body was found two days later in a nearby wooded, frozen ravine. Officials reported that he appeared to have died of hypothermia.

The lawsuit alleges that the home knew Giles had a pattern of trying to leave but failed to monitor him. It further alleges the nursing home was negligent, violated various state regulations and failed to provide adequate supervised care. The suit further alleges the nursing home “failed to timely notify local law enforcement and Aubrey Giles’ family of his elopement.”

According to the St. Luis Post-Dispatch, nursing home abuse, assisted living facility abuse and residential care home abuse have become a prevalent problem in our society. With the aging of the Baby Boomers, there has been an increased demand for these types of nursing home facilities. Industry projections are that the number of people requiring long-term care will double in the next two decades to nearly 14 million.

There are over 1.5 million seniors living in over 17,000 nursing homes across the country. There are over 1,200 nursing homes or assisted living facilities in Texas with over 12,000 complaints filed with the Texas Department of Human Services each year. This case serves to highlight what may become a growing issue with our aging population; a higher level of supervision is necessary to support our elderly in nursing homes.

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