Nissan Recall

In a recent recall, Nissan has recalled 39,000 Versa small cars because of a dangerous condition that has been detected. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety regulations require a driver’s foot must be on the brake before the car can physically be shifted into gear, but Nissan found that in the 2012 model cars made from June 9, 2011 through January 13, 2012, the transmissions can be shifted out of park without the driver’s foot on the brake. It appears this recall applies only to those cars made and sold in the United States and Canada.

Nissan has not publically identified any crashes or injuries from this auto defect, but the lack of this safety device on a vehicle can cause a driver to inadvertently put the car into gear, substantially increasing the risk of death or serious injury. The company indicates it will replace the shifter now at no charge to owners and will inspect the vehicle to make sure it is working properly. The safety defect affects both automatic and continuously variable transmissions. Our firm recommends you contact your local dealer if you have any questions concerning this recall.