Johnson Johnson Recalls Infant Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson is pulling all of its infant Tylenol from the United States market because of numerous problems associated with their newly redesigned bottles. The new bottles were supposed to make it easier and safer to measure doses through the syringe. The idea behind the new design was to limit how much of the liquid Tylenol could be drawn into the plastic syringe that was inserted into the bottle. Instead, there was a defect in the new design that allowed the plastic protective covers to give way, allowing the protective cover to be pushed into the bottle.

Johnson & Johnson has had a long history of product recalls in the recent past. It has been reported there have been twenty five product recalls alone since 2009. The recalled Infant Tylenol is to be given for pain and as a fever reducer. Johnson & Johnson reports to be looking into various alternative designs, and this is important as infants are particularly vulnerable to medication dosage errors.

Consumers may continue to use the product as long as the container remains intact, or it can be returned by calling 1-888-222-6036 or visiting the Tylenol website at

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