Ford Sued for Negligent Design After Texas Woman Killed in Rollover Accident

A Texas man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Ford Motor Company following the death of his wife in a rollover accident involving one of Ford’s SUVs.

Two women were headed eastbound on Highway 30 on May 30, 2010, when one of the rear tires on their 2003 Ford Expedition suddenly blew. According to the complaint filed in federal district court in Texas, the tire failed because of a de-tread event, causing the vehicle to swerve off course and roll over.

The passenger and driver were wearing seat belts, but both were partially ejected as the vehicle flipped. One of the occupants was seriously injured and the other died as a result of her injuries in the SUV rollover crash.

The lawsuit alleges that Ford was negligent in designing and manufacturing the SUV because the vehicle did not have adequate safety features pertaining to:

  • Seatbelts (pretension)
  • Seat design
  • Windows (laminated glass or plastic-glass glazing)
  • Electronic stability control and rollover protection

In addition to allegations of negligent design and manufacturing, the lawsuit also claims that Ford failed to mitigate the ejection risk by providing additional rollover protection, such as side airbags.

The wrongful death lawsuit seeks damages for pain and suffering, medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and loss of consortium and companionship.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Ford sued following fatal rollover accident,” 1/23/12.