Family Files Suit Against Apartment Complex

The family of slain Middle Tennessee State University basketball player Tina Stewart has filed suit against an apartment complex and its management company following Stewart’s murder at the complex. The family believes that the apartment complex and its management company failed to act when they should have and that such failure caused Tina Stewart’s wrongful death.

Before Tina Stewart’s death on March 2, 2011, a police officer, employed by the apartment complex, failed to contact police when he discovered that Tina Stewart’s murderer had been using marijuana right before she murdered Stewart. The lawsuit alleges that if the police officer had contacted the authorities as he should have, Tina Stewart would not have been murdered. The lawsuit further alleges that the company that managed the apartment complex was negligent because it hired the police officer that failed to report the murderer’s use of marijuana.

The family’s attorney insists that the suit is not about money. Instead, he stresses the suit’s purpose is to prevent Tina Stewart’s murderer from making money off the case — through book deals or other means — in the future.

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