Drive Safely and Prevent Fatal Accidents, Plead Texas Police

Each day, across the nation, many people deal with the pain of losing someone they love in a fatal car accident. In Texas, growing cities like Laredo are seeing accidents occur more frequently and with more serious injuries. Texas police are hoping that appealing to residents will help change those statistics.

Police believe car accidents occur for a number of different reasons. Technology, such as cellphones, MP3 players and iPods, contributes to the severity and frequency of traffic accidents. An increasing number of drivers on the roads are distracted by these devices, thus leading to more car crashes. Further complicating these distractions is a series of obstacles present in any quickly growing or expanding area – road construction. Construction occurs on an increasing number of intersections, leaving the streets cluttered. With detours in place, more traffic and fewer lanes, it is important for drivers to further focus their undivided attention on driving.

In addition to paying closer attention to the roads, drivers need to learn how to drive defensively – and that means slowing down and being courteous and calm while driving.

Over the last ten years, police have noticed that traffic has increased and travel times have become slower. National studies show that 38 percent of men (ages 15 to 20) who are involved in deadly car accidents were speeding when the accident occurred. By slowing down, leaving early and allowing extra time to get where motorists need to be, police believe that fatal car accidents will be decreased.

Texas authorities are asking motorists to take responsibility and slow down on the roads. No one wants to feel the pain of losing a loved one to a car accident. With the help of the community and local drivers, hopefully fewer people will have to endure that grief.

Source:, “Police Hope Drivers Will Help Prevent Fatal Crashes in 2012,” 1/4/12.