Dallas Jury Awards $7.2 Million in Greyhound Bus Crash Case

On December 19, 2011, a Dallas County jury awarded Ashley Reedy $7.2 million for the personal injuries she sustained when a Greyhound bus flipped in December of 2007. According to the allegations at trial, the Greyhound bus driver was using a cell phone in icy conditions while transporting Reedy and others. When the driver approached another wreck on the road, he was unable to control his speed, brake properly, and caused the roll-over crash seriously injuring Ashley Reedy.

At trial, Reedy’s attorneys presented evidence that the Greyhound driver was unqualified, had a history of speeding, was not properly trained by Greyhound, and had used his cell phone seventeen times in the hours leading up to the crash. Reedy suffered serious injuries to her head, neck and back. According to her attorneys, the verdict will allow Ashley Reedy the ability to get the necessary back surgeries she needs as a result of the roll-over. The verdict against Greyhound included $2.2 million in compensatory damages and another $4.8 million in punitive damages for the jury’s gross negligence finding against Greyhound.