Three Remain Hospitalized After Fatal Bus Crash Last Week

Three of the injured passengers from last week’s fatal bus crash in Texas remain hospitalized.

Just over a week ago on Friday night, a bus from Abliene Christian University was carrying 12 students majoring in agriculture, three faculty members and a faculty member’s wife to Medina, Texas. The group was scheduled to spend the weekend doing mission work at the Medina’s Children Home.

However, as the bus traveled along U.S. 83, just outside Ballinger, the 34-year-old driver lost control — hitting a concrete wall and rolling. Several passengers were ejected as the bus rolled.

One of the students died at the scene of the motor vehicle accident. The other 15 passengers were transported to several nearby hospitals. Immediately after the accident four were listed in critical condition, and three of them remained hospitalized a week later. At least two of them are still being cared for in intensive care units.

Texas accident investigators have slowly started speaking with the survivors, but did not want to push many them given how seriously injured a number of the passengers were. They also said that it will likely be weeks before they have a better understanding of what exactly occurred. Investigators are continuing to prepare a reconstruction of the crash.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Texas troopers interviewing bus crash survivors,” 11/6/11.