Work Related Deaths

A recently released United States Bureau of Labor Statistics report has found a slight drop in work related deaths in Texas in 2010 as compared to 2009. The agency reported there were 456 Texas workers who died last year, while 482 Texas workers died on the job in 2009. This would be encouraging in a growing economy that has jobs being added to our state. But that is not the case in Texas for 2010. While there are less deaths in Texas, there is probably a correlation with the decreased amount of construction in the state.

In another area, there was a drop in fall-related deaths in 2010 as well. There were 75 fall-related deaths in 2009, and only 45 in 2010. But this number is also not very encouraging. Fall-related deaths are almost always preventable. Wrongful death cases surrounding falls are far too prevalent. There are many fall prevention devices in the market place that are designed to save lives. Employers are mandated by OSHA to use these devices and because of ignorance, arrogance, and employer greed, employers fail to use these devices far too often. Employees should demand safe work places and settle for nothing less.