Stronger Regulation Needed for Bus Industry

Several bus accidents have occurred in the past year which has caused the bus industry to receive extreme criticism and inspection. Negligence was the cause of the accident on March 12th where fifteen people lost their lives in Bronx, New York. This was a result of oversights in the World Wide Travel hiring office. Another unrelated bus incident that caused the industry scrutiny occurred in route to Baltimore from New York. This Bolt Bus was pulled over by a New Jersey State Trooper for “erratic driving.” Following the driver’s failed sobriety test, he was arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). No one was harmed and a potential tragedy was avoided.

These incidents are under investigation in hopes that this negative pattern can be broken. One solution is to implement more screenings of the drivers which would result from better regulation. In addition, companies who do not understand the need for putting safety first need to be forced out of business. The goal of regulation is to protect the passengers by placing restrictions on corporate operators and by ensuring that certain safety measures are taken for the public. It is critical for negligence to be avoided. This needs to be taken seriously because buses are large vehicle, heavy in mass and can cause catastrophic wrecks on the road.