Stroller Hit By Car in San Antonio Hospital Parking Lot

Tragedy struck last week in San Antonio when an SUV struck a stroller in a hospital parking lot.

On Wednesday, around 11 am, a mother was pushing her 17-month-old boy in a stroller through the parking lot of the San Antonio Military Medical Center. The mother had just left the hospital and was pushing the stroller past a crosswalk when a white Cadillac ran into mother and child. After hitting them, the Cadillac then struck a parked GMC Yukon and ran into a portable building.

The 17 month old died immediately in the fatal car accident. The mother, an enlisted soldier, was unhurt. The driver of the Cadillac, an 86-year-old retired Army colonel was taken to the emergency room. He was originally admitted in guarded condition, but by late afternoon it was reported that he was in critical condition.

It is believed that the Cadillac may have been traveling faster than it one would normally drive in the parking lot, but investigators also believe that a medical condition might have caused the accident. A Fort Sam Houston spokesman noted that they were not sure if the driver of the Cadillac’s medical issues caused the accident — or whether his physical condition occurred because of the accident.

It is unknown if any charges will be filed in the accident.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Car hits stroller, killing toddler,” 9/29/11.