Fatal Car Accident in El Paso Road Construction Work Zone

A late night accident in a roadway construction area proved fatal for two El Paso residents.

On Thursday night, just after three in the morning, El Paso police received report of an accident on West Paisano Drive, just before the Racetrack Drive exit. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered a GMC Envoy smashed into the back of a road grader.

Overnight crews had been working on the left-hand side of Paisano Drive. The road grader was stopped in the left lane. The roadwork crew’s convoy was parked behind the road grader and the entire work area was clearly marked with a sign and flashing lights.

Traffic investigators believe the 42-year-old driver of the Envoy ignored the warnings and continued driving in the left lane, moving right only to avoid the parked convoy. However, ignoring the roadwork signs, the drive moved back into the left lane immediately after passing the convoy and collided with the back of the road grader.

According to law enforcement officials, none of the work crew members were injured in the fatal car crash, but the collision provided fatal for the two traveling in the Envoy.

The Texas Department of Transportation noted that drivers often ignore warning signs in construction zones and continue to speed through work zones. A DOT spokesperson noted that safety is a number one concern in construction areas. And safety is not only for drivers passing through, but also for the crews working on the roads.

One road crew member noted that careless drivers are his worst fear, “We don’t know every day when we wake up and go to work if we’re going to come back.”

Source: KFoxTV.com, “2 Killed in Crash with Work Convoy ID’d,” 10/7/11.