Hazing Continues to Plague the University of Texas

The Houston Chronicle reports that hazing continues to exist in at least one fraternity at the University of Texas. It is reported that the Texas Kappa Alpha fraternity was recently suspended for two years by its national parent organization for hazing its pledges. A lawsuit was recently filed by the national organization against this UT chapter that continues to represent itself as being affiliated with the national Kappa Alpha Order. The suit seeks to recover more than $200,000 in money and property from its former local chapter.

The local chapter was accused of hazing its pledges including pushing and shoving pledges, forcing them to do calisthenics, and hiring performers to do live sex acts. Hazing is illegal in Texas. This firm successfully represented a young man who died while pledging another fraternity at the University of Texas, and as a result developed an educational video that addresses some of the consequences of hazing – not only for the victims, but for those who do the hazing as well. That video can be found at www.inmemoryofjack.com, and is entitled, “Enough is Enough.”