Family of Fatal Hit-and-Run Victim Continues to Search For Justice

A few weeks ago, we wrote a series of posts discussing hit-and-run accidents in Texas and how drivers involved in those accidents are rarely apprehended. Unfortunately, this story continues to repeat itself.

On September 5, 2010, around 7 in the morning, the body of a 19-year-old female was found lying near an entrance ramp of the East Freeway. Friends and family quickly believed that she was the victim of a fatal hit-and-run.

Earlier that evening, she had been returning home from a party with her boyfriend, when the couple got into a fight. After she pulled her car over onto the shoulder of the road, her boyfriend got out. They continued to argue and he walked away. It is believed that she started to follow him on foot when she was hit by a car.

A year after the fatal accident, her family is still determined to uncover what happened that night and pursue justice for their daughter. Every month, relatives go to the scene of the accident and pass out fliers, encouraging anyone with information to come forward. The girl’s mother said that they will continue to do this until the responsible party is found.

A spokesperson for Houston Crime Stoppers noted that he is seeing an increasing number of fatal hit-and-run cases come across his desk and charges rarely occur. According to police records, drivers were only charged in about 17 percent of all hit-and-runs from 2008 until June 2011.

“Unfortunately this is a big problem in Houston,” the Crime Stoppers spokesman said. “We’re trying to alert the public that all this happens all too often and it’s a tragedy every time.”

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Victim’s family urges others to render aid in crashes,” 9/17/11.