Michaels Sued for Failing to Safeguard Customers’ Financial Data

According to Michaels Stores, Inc., its checkout line PIN pads were tampered with in Illinois and 19 other states. Now, Michaels is facing two lawsuits seeking class-action status by consumers alleging that Michaels failed to safeguard customers’ credit and debit card information and PIN numbers. Michaels is a national retailer specializing in arts and crafts and has 964 U.S. stores.

According to the latest lawsuit, a purchase for $18.16 by Michaels’ customer, Mary Allen, led to more than $1,000 in unauthorized transactions. Ms. Allen’s suit seeks class-action status for any U.S. resident who made a purchase at a Michaels store nationwide using a debit or credit card swiped through a PIN pad starting on January 1, 2011. “Plaintiff swiped her debit card through one of the tampered Michaels PIN pads and unwittingly had her debit card information and PIN number stolen as a result,” according to the recently filed lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges violations of the Federal Stored Communications Act, the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act, and also alleges negligence against Michaels.