Three Texas Teens Lives Changed Forever Following Fatal Wreck

A fatal accident changed three Texas teenagers’ lives this past week: one was killed and the other two were criminally charged for their friend’s death.

On Sunday, May 15, four teenagers were “joyriding” in a tan 2000 Cadillac Escalade in the early morning hours. According to police, the 19-year-old male driver was “driving in an erratic matter by swerving the vehicle from side to side, known as ‘Gangster Weaving.'” As he was weaving from side to side he suddenly lost control of the Escalade. The SUV went off the road and through the yard of a vacant house before it hit a tree.

Upon the impact of the crash, a 16-year-old girl in the back seat was partially ejected from the SUV. According to news reports, as she was ejected she hit a guy wire that supported a utility pole; the wire decapitated her.

Police then believe that the 19-year-old driver backed up from the tree and fled the scene. He drove several blocks and then told a 14-year-old male passenger to remove the 16-year-old girl’s body from the SUV. According to a police statement, the teen’s sister was in the vehicle as well at the time of the fatal car accident. Her 16-year-old sister’s body was left with her at a street corner several blocks from the accident. The teen males then fled in the SUV.

Both were arrested last Friday. The 19-year-old driver was charged with manslaughter for the teen girl’s death. The 14-year-old boy was arrested for tampering with evidence.

It is unknown whether the family of the deceased teenager will pursue a civil suit against the driver for the wrongful death of their child.

Source: Beaumont, “UPDATE: Teens arrested in connection with fatal wreck that killed Central student,” 5/20/11.